Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Yoga Guru Ram Dev have also come to supported the biggest leader of 'BJP ' party who also became  a Chief Minister of Gujarat.Now the Noble Yoga Guru announce in public meeting that the Gujarat CM
Narendra Modi has many quality to lead the India and give a new direction where Many dynamic youth
will be following this way to achieve a new growth of this country.he is also suggesting all people and other
leader who are always doing good work in this country.Many people say that All Indian want a new change
and change old think ,that people only talking about country development and thinking its future,Really
it great movement when All youth thinker talks for Development not other think.

Today, All world well know this Noblest saint ,he is continue struggle to spread and raising a kranti Yoga
in the world .All people of the word taking a benefit and knowing these benefit So Many country started Yoga course in their school,these school begin a yoga education to their students and getting the most
benefit from these yoga.

The India's people waiting a new election which will be very soon occur in the India So All people seeing
the atmosphere of current government whose soon fall down any time in India.Now These UPA-2 also
knowing that these govt. will not be complete own time and early coming time, its become break .
"the Noblest saint of India together stood up  and announced one sound that they are not silent sit down
their Ashram and they would be also fighting against this corruption which Spreading by The current
government of India.

The Gujarat CM Narendra Modi has first likes by the India Saints Society and dynamic youth,So Many
Saint also addressing to all people who living in India and other Country.Now the total youth come to
supporting the Gujarat CM team and accepting the Gujarat development Model which proved the
India people want to Change a old Politician think and only think to development of this country.
Now this country people not bear any corruption and thief politician,Safe India from this little think
politics and as like politician.