Thursday, 18 April 2013

The terror not preventing by the Powerful country.its making a major problem in the world but Sorry
Now yet We are not finded a permanent solution of this stuck disease,without remove this terror from
the world ,We are not stay in peaceful environment.

On 15 Monday terrorist attack occurred at Boston city, America When all people enjoying with Marathon
run started this time ,This explosive coming this Marathon with a pressure cooker under a hanging bag where
Many People had stood to seen this Marathon runs,Many people being injurious and three person also died
at once when this blast become at Boston city in America.The president Barack Obama also announced
that his government not bear this terrorist attack and his government will soon finded which terrorist organisation did a cruel attack against to America.

On 17 April again terrorist did blast against to India .these blast occurred in front of the BJP office.this type
attack had become in this country same date and month,on 17 April.Really these terror making a poison to
all world .Now they are made a one country problem,Before days the powerful country America also made
victim from terrorist attack.the India always supported those country which victim from this terror and always
together working to remove this poison in the world.

Today All people who belonging any religion who not accepted this terrorism and not wanted to safe this
terrorist who left dark shape and proved own cowardice.Although these motive to take a terror where
all world government blended in front dark organisation but perhaps they have forgotten that the common
people of world make a angry then they are come for war  to remove terrorism in the word.

Today this terrorist attack bearing all Indian but the India's some Politician claim to each other party
and seeing this a biggest news with new  become election.its very same activity from this politician
who always interested to abusing and misleading.misguiding the country people.this type politician
always making a black dark for this country.